Ecological Monitoring and Compliance (EMAC)

The library section provides a central location for extensive information regarding the history and mission of the NNSS. These resources include fact sheets, historical and current videos, photos, and publications including environmental reports, historical documents, U.S. nuclear tests, and newsletters.  

All of these materials support the mission and vision of the NNSS.

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The annual Ecological Monitoring and Compliance (EMAC) report contains results from activities on the NNSS conducted to protect its native plants and animals in accordance with federal and state laws. Activities reported include (1) compliance actions taken to protect the desert tortoise, a listed threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, (2) field surveys and actions taken to protect and/or monitor State of Nevada-regulated and -protected biota, (3) field surveys for biota on federal or state Watch Lists, (3) ecosystem monitoring, and (4) revegetation monitoring. The NNSS management and operating contractor for the NNSA Nevada Field Office performs the activities and data reporting. Reports older than those listed below are available upon request. Contact to submit an email request or request from SciTech at:

pdf Ecological Monitoring and Compliance Program - 2016
pdf Ecological Monitoring and Compliance Program - 2015
pdf Ecological Monitoring and Compliance Program - 2014
pdf Ecological Monitoring and Compliance Program - 2013
pdf Ecological Monitoring and Compliance Program - 2012