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Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation

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The Nevada National Security Sites is a major partner in Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation (DNN) Research & Development (R&D). Scientists, engineers, technicians, modelers, data scientists, and field deployment specialists perform research, development, testing, and evaluation. We do this with expertise in seismic, acoustic, infrasound, electromagnetic, and geophysics that provide valuable real-world data and capabilities to test systems and techniques.


  • Custom Design Testbeds
  • Counterproliferation
  • High Hazard Experimentation
  • Tunnel Complex

DNN projects support critical, enduring national security goals to advance the science and capabilities of nuclear explosion monitoring, nuclear material production detection, nuclear weaponization detection, and nuclear forensics. DNN programs strive to respond to emerging proliferation threats and unexpected events by providing nimble, adaptive testbeds for rapid threat characterization and countermeasure development.

Missions are supported from Nevada and California.