two men working chamber on blue and silver JASPER gas gun

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two men working chamber on blue and silver JASPER gas gun

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In a premier partnership with the College of Southern Nevada, Nevada National Security Sites (NNSS) is proud to debut NNSS FastTrack, the first program of its kind for the NNSS. This strategic alliance engages College of Southern Nevada students as well as Clark County School District students who are enrolled in early college programming in obtaining real-world experience at the NNSS while completing their curriculum — and pursuing a potential career with the NNSS.

Each NNSS FastTrack student who joins the program will receive one-on-one mentorship with an NNSS subject matter expert while in a part-time professional role focused on. Students are eligible for an internship opportunity through NNSS Student Programs and, upon successful competition of the program, will be offered the opportunity to interview for full-time employment with the NNSS.

For the fall 2024 semester, three program pathways are eligible for NNSS FastTrack:

NNSS Business Administration Program Pathway

•           ACC 135B – Bookkeeping I
•           BUS 101 – Introduction to Business
•           BUS 107 – Business Speech Communication
•           CIT 160 – Introduction to Computer Security
•           IS 101 – Introduction to Information Systems
•           MATH 104B – Applied Mathematics

NNSS Electronics Program Pathway

•           ET 111B – Mathematics for Electronics Applications
•           ET 131B – DC for Electronics
•           ET 132B – AC for Electronics
•           ET 212B – Digital Logic I
•           ET 220B – Solid State Devices and Circuits I
•           ET 228B – Data Acquisition

NNSS IT Cloud Computing/Service Desk Program Pathway

•           IS 101 – Introduction to Information Systems
•           CIT 114B – IT Essentials
•           CIT 112 – Network+
•           CIT 211 – Microsoft Operating Systems Management
•           CIT 213 – Microsoft 365 Administration

Students must meet be a U.S. citizen to be considered for NNSS FastTrack.

NNSS FastTrack operates in coordination with the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Minority Serving Institution Partnership Program and the Community and Junior College Trade Occupation Program.

If you are an eligible College of Southern Nevada or Clark County School District student, please complete our short interest survey below. Program applications will be available in the coming weeks.