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We Secure
America’s Future

Protecting the United States and
its allies since 1950

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A Premier National Security Resource

The NNSS is an enterprise of multi-mission, high-hazard experimentation facilities delivering technical and service solutions in support of national security.

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Working for the NNSS

At the NNSS, you are the mission. Our employees directly support national security, working every day to advance science, engineering, and technology to make the world a safer place.

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Partnering with the NNSS

The NNSS provides unique capabilities and partnering approaches not available anywhere else. Explore what we can offer.

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five miners working in a tunnel at the U1a complex

Our Mission

The NNSS supports the stewardship of the nation’s nuclear deterrent; provides nuclear and radiological emergency response capabilities and training; contributes to key nonproliferation and arms control initiatives; executes national-level experiments with the National Laboratories; works with partners on important national security activities; and provides long-term environmental stewardship of the NNSS’s Cold War legacy.

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Stockpile Science

A primary mission of the NNSS is to help ensure the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile remains safe, reliable, and secure from our enemies.

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Remote Sensing and Aerial Measurement

The NNSS Remote Sensing Laboratory provides responsive aerial measurements to detect, analyze, and track radioactive material before and during emergencies.

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Research and Development

As the NNSS’ premier science and technology venue, the Research and Development program is the primary source of discovery and innovation for the Sites’ national security missions.