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Impact the Future of National Security

The NNSS Student Programs offers full-time, paid summer internships, with some internships continuing into the schoolyear on a part-time schedule. All internships are designed to engage students in a hands-on, meaningful, paid experience – all while applying classroom theories to the professional environment in support of the NNSS mission.

At the end of the summer, the work environment and the overall experience will have provided you with a better view of what your future career could look like. You will also have widened your career path options while shaping the future of the NNSS.

If you want to support national security and gain reputable experience, join us at the NNSS.

The program is designed to:

  • Acclimate students with relevant work experience through meaningful, relevant projects
  • Provide mentorship
  • Host peer-to-peer networking events, social activities and volunteer opportunities
  • Offer knowledge and skill-based courses
  • Give insight into the NNSS national security mission

Important Dates:

  • September 2023: Application process opens
  • October 2023 – April 2024: Candidates reviewed, interviews completed, offers extended
  • May 2024: Student Programs begins
  • August 2024: Student Programs concludes
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Note: While student opportunities may be offered at each of our locations, the majority of opportunities will be in Nevada at either at the North Las Vegas location or the Site.


During my junior year of college studying electrical engineering, I began looking for an internship that interested me as a potential career. I had heard good things about the company, so I decided to apply for an internship position I could do during school. I began working for the NNSS in October of 2021 in Design Engineering. As I got closer to graduation, I was given more specific tasks related to my area of study and developed a camaraderie with the people around me. I was fortunate to receive a job offer several months before graduation, and it was a no brainer. The position was intriguing, the pay was competitive, and the people around me made going to work enjoyable. It has been an incredible experience, and I am happy to be a full-time employee at the NNSS.”

In the summer of 2022, coinciding with the culmination of my undergraduate studies, I embarked on an internship with the NNSS. Over the course of the summer, I collaborated closely with diverse teams of developers and engineers, actively contributing to my intern project. My aspiration was to secure a full-time position upon the conclusion of the internship. Following my graduation, I proactively maintained communication with my supervisor. When a vacancy emerged within our department, I promptly seized the opportunity and submitted my application. Subsequently, I was gratified to receive an offer for the position, marking a pivotal milestone in my professional journey.

The transition from my internship to a full-time role was remarkably seamless. Throughout my internship, my mentor and other senior engineers welcomed me as an integral part of the team. They actively involved me in various meetings, providing insights into the project lifecycle and processes. My internship served as an eye-opener, offering a glimpse into the realities of a professional career. It highlighted the stark contrast between classroom learning and hands-on work within an interactive environment.”

My internship experience helped me immensely with the transition to full time. I had a network of people who I met during my internship who were there to support my transition.

My internship allowed me to practice in the workplace the skills I had only ever read about in a textbook, with hands-on feedback and constant guidance. Now that I am I am full time, I am extremely grateful for the practice and knowledge I gained over the summer months.

I enjoy that every day is a little bit different. My manager does a great job at keeping my workload interesting and keeps me on my toes. Most of all I enjoy the people I work with and friends I have made along the way.”

“I started as an intern in May 2022, and after my internship, I remained part of the team as a causal employee to stay involved and work during my breaks from school. In July 2023, I was hired as a full-time scientist for the team.

During my internship, I worked with an exceptional group. The techs, scientists, engineers, and management who facilitated my internship kept me engaged in the project and made me feel like part of the team. This positive relationship I formed with the group led me to seeking out a full-time position.  

During college, I was hoping to move back home to Las Vegas after graduating and was completely unaware of all the options the NNSS had to offer. The internship opened my eyes to the possibilities at the NNSS.”

I was in graduate school at the University of Nevada, Reno, working on a project funded by the NNSS. In the summer of 2022, the NNSS asked my research group if we would apply for an internship. After the internship, I stayed on as a casual employee while I was finishing up my master’s degree. I started full time in February 2023.

Originally, I was a naval nuclear operator in the U.S. Navy, so I was excited to continue to work in the nuclear field, as well as continue to serve my country. Those two factors are what really influenced me to get a job here.

Coming from the naval nuclear program, one of the biggest values that we have is integrity. Seeing how that is the first value that our company holds, that gives me the comfortability that my peers are in a similar mindset. That allowed me to have a very easy transition into the workplace.

My favorite thing about being a full-time employee here is being able to see the bigger picture of the project I worked on as an intern. I am motivated to see the project go to a production status and feel a sense of great accomplishment on the work that I have done.”