four men on stage with one in center accepting plaque and shaking hands

NNSS Awards

four men on stage with one in center accepting plaque and shaking hands

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Full R&D 100 Awards List
  • 2020: X-ray Polarizing Beam Splitter
  • 2020: The Aerial Reconnoiter Using Unmanned Systems (ICARUS) – finalist
  • 2019: Falcon Plasma Focus – finalist
  • 2018: Silicon Strip Cosmic Muon Detector
  • 2017: Geometrically Enhanced Photocathodes
  • 2015: Argus Fisheye Probe – finalist
  • 2013: KiloPower with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
  • 2012: Multiplexed Photonic Doppler Velocimeter
  • 2010: Movies of eXtreme Imaging Experiments (MOXIE) with LANL
  • 2009: High-Resolution Holography Lens





  • R&D 100 Awards
    • X-ray Polarizing Beam Splitter
    • Aerial Reconnoiter Using Unmanned Systems (ICARUS) – finalist
  • Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary’s Honor Awards: COVID-19 Facilities and People Response Team (given for work in first half of 2020)
  • DOE Security Team of the Year: NNSA Design Basis Threat Implementation
  • NNSA Defense Programs Awards of Excellence
    • Hydro 664B Radiographic Imaging System Team – Exceptional Achievement Award
    • Kraken Development Team – Exceptional Achievement Award
    • MSTS Los Alamos Fiber Lab – Red Sage/Nightshade A, B, and C – Hex Packages Team – Exceptional Achievement Award
    • Optical Pyrometry Team –Exceptional Achievement Award
    • Stockpile Stewardship Data Analysis Holography Scanning Microscope Team – Exceptional Achievement Award
    • Red Sage: Nightshade ‘A’ Analysis Team – Exceptional Achievement Award
    • C-3 Launcher/Shock Activated Research Collaboration Team
    • Laser-Driven Ejecta Test Bed Team
    • Vulnerability Analysis and Risk Planning Team
    • Device Assembly Facility Downdraft Table Operations Restart First Virtual Federal Readiness Assessment Team
  • NNSA and DOE Safety System Oversight Engineer of the Year: Jeff Edlund
  • NA-50 Awards
    • Advancing NNSA Area Planning
    • Calibration Laboratory Upgrade and Increased Utilization
    • CHAMP (Cooling and Heating Asset Management Program) Protective Measures Against COVID-19 Transmission
    • COVID-19 Response
    • CY2020 Maintenance Execution
    • Fleet Operations Navigating through COVID-19
    • HPSB (High Performance Sustainable Building) 23-460 – Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI) Process Improvement
    • Mercury Modernization Ranger Road Utilities
    • NNSS Long-Term Stewardship Program Strategic Plan
    • Site-Specific Atmospheric Dispersion Analysis Protocol
    • TEX HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium Thermal Epithermal Experiments) Experiment During COVID-19
  • MSTS Quality Management System achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for operations at NNSS’ NNSA mission facilities
  • Award from the DOE Chief of Spectrum Management and the NNSA Federal Project Director: Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Nevada U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen Woman in STEM: Dr. Marylesa Howard


  • R&D 100 Awards: Falcon, a portable DPF – finalist
  • DOE Secretary’s Honor Awards
    • NNSA Nuclear Security Enterprise Recruitment Team
    • Packaging and Shipping of Radiological Waste Assessment Team
    • Source Physics Experiment, Phase II, Dry Alluvium Geology Team
    • Seattle Response and Recovery and Cs-137 Joint Investigation Teams
  • NA-50 Awards
    • Mercury Modernization Bldg. 1
    • BUILDER Innovation: Improving Science Based Modeling and System Integration
    • Device Assembly Facility (DAF) Operations and Argus Project Integration
    • DAF Technical Validation Project and Configuration Management Legacy Gap Project
    • Disposition of Mercury Fire Station and B/C/D Dorms
    • Storm Area 51 Event Planning and Execution
  • NNSA Defense Programs Awards of Excellence
    • Broadband Laser Ranging – Exceptional Achievement Award
    • Big Explosives Experimental Facility Integrated Project – Exceptional Achievement Award
    • Ediza Subcritical Experiment Advanced Analysis – Exceptional Achievement Award
    • Ediza Diagnostic Fielding
    • Joint Actinide Shock Physics Experimental Research Facility Integrated Project
    • Laboratory Network and Data Expansion – Nevada Operations
  • DOE Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star of Excellence award: MSTS
  • DOE VPP Superior Star Award: SOC
  • DOE Office of Environmental Safety and Health Assessments recognition for “reinvigorating commitment to a strong safety culture”
  • National Science and Technology Council Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers: Dr. Marylesa Howard
  • Southern Nevada Building & Construction Trades Council’s Contractor of the Year award