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Article Co-Authored by NNSS Scientists Chosen for Journal of Applied Physics “Scilight”

Old gate 100
NNSS Senior Scientist Marylesa Howard, article co-author, sits in front of an image of a laser-driven, cylindrically converging shock wave propagating in water, whose boundaries of varying intensities have been identified by a machine learning algorithm.

An article written by NNSS Senior Scientist Marylesa Howard; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate student Leora Dresselhaus-Cooper; NNSS Scientist II Margaret C. Hock; NNSS Senior Scientist B.T. Meehan; Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Scientist Kyle J. Ramos; LANL R&D Scientist Cindy A. Bolme; Richard L. Sandberg, Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow with LANL; and MIT Chemistry Professor Keith A. Nelson, “Machine learning to analyze images of shocked materials for precise and accurate measurements,” was highlighted online in a physics-based review: Scilight (science highlight).

“The Scilights highlight papers from AIP (American Institute of Physics) journals that carry a high level of scientific importance or interest to the broader community,” Marylesa said. “We are incredibly honored that our article was chosen. This was the first publication that came out of our collaboration with the Department of Physical Chemistry at MIT and is an excellent tip of the hat to our SDRD (site-directed research and development) program for funding such a widely relevant scientific project.”

Recommended by “Journal of Applied Physics” editors, and written by professional science writers, Scilights can be accessed via the Collections dropdown menu on the JAP homepage.