Five students hold a navy blue banner that reads "2024 Regional Champion."

Davidson Academy wins fifth consecutive Nevada Science Bowl title

Five students hold a navy blue banner that reads "2024 Regional Champion."

It’s a five-peat for the Davidson Academy!

Students from 17 high schools spanning the Silver State competed for the coveted Nevada Science Bowl championship Feb. 3. Following nine rounds of STEM questioning, Davidson Academy – Team A placed first, receiving $5,000 for their school’s math and science departments. The Reno, Nevada-based team will go on to represent the state at the Department of Energy National Science Bowl April 25 to 29 in Washington, D.C. Davidson Academy has placed first in the Nevada Science Bowl every year since 2020.

Coming in second place on the podium was the Davidson Academy – Team B, which received $3,000 for their STEM curriculum programs, and third place went to Clark High School – Team A, awarded $1,500 for their school. The top 12 teams received cash prizes.

Five students pose with a check for $3,000.
Five students pose with a check for $1,500.

Since 1991, the Nevada Science Bowl continues to serve as a platform to inspire high school students to pursue education and career pathways in STEM.

“I’d like to point out that we rely on the expertise of highly trained scientists and engineers to carry out the national security work at the Site and in other Department of Energy facilities across the country,” said National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Nevada Field Office Manager Dr. David Bowman. “Our investment in the Science Bowl is an investment in the future of our country, national security, fundamental research and energy independence.

2024 Nevada Science Bowl sponsors from Nevada National Security Sites included the DOE NNSA Nevada Field Office (signature sponsor), Mission Support and Test Services (MSTS) LLC, and Environmental Management Nevada Environmental Program Services.

“I learned a lot today in listening to your competitions, but the number one thing I learned is we need each and every one of you to continue to focus and study STEM,” MSTS President Garrett Harencak told students. ”Author Kurt Vonnegut once said that science is magic that actually works, and you are making magic work. Our nation, your communities and this great country need you to continue your focus on science to solve those problems, concerns and the real challenges in our future. You are going to make magic work. Keep at it, keep studying and remember that we need you — America needs you to continue to focus on STEM and science.”

“You are so knowledgeable, so advanced and so far ahead of where many of us STEM professionals were when we were your age,” added NNSS Technical Manager Matt Fritz. “You are all very, very smart. Many of you will graduate high school in the next years, go on to get your bachelor’s, some of you will get master’s and Ph.D., but your education can never end. This nation needs smart people like you to take on the challenges that we’ll leave behind. We need STEM professionals now more than ever. Continue on the path you’re on. You are all so impressive in what you’ve been doing and the content of your character.”

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