NNSS employees stand in front of a house with a sign that reads "We secure America's future."

Hand in hand: NNSS volunteers revitalize home for local couple

NNSS employees stand in front of a house with a sign that reads "We secure America's future."

More than four dozen Nevada National Security Sites (NNSS) volunteers assembled in a Henderson, Nevada, neighborhood throughout April for National Rebuilding Month. Their mission? Provide critical renovations for a couple in need, who have called their property home for 30 years.

The NNSS is a proud partner of Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada (RTSNV), which revitalizes the homes of veterans, seniors and individuals with disabilities by providing repairs at no cost to the homeowners. Specialized work planning performed at the NNSS lends itself to the skills and resources required to execute this kind of undertaking while also serving as an extension of the NNSS’ environment, health and safety values.

“The work we have accomplished in partnership with RTSNV is, quite frankly, life altering,” said NNSS Outreach & Engagement Administrative Specialist McKenzie Krause. “Not only do we see the transformative impact on the homeowners’ lives, but our volunteers also share this profound sense of accomplishment and reward. Throughout these projects we not only invest time into home improvement, but also in building meaningful relationships with the homeowners. Understanding their needs and challenges, we witness dreams of improvement come to life.”

A core team of NNSS employees began preparations by laying out the entire project scope and schedule, working within the parameters of the property while in communication with the homeowners. Spanning electrical work, iron work, carpentry, masonry and painting, the volunteers dedicated their after-hours and weekends to ensure the home site was ready for April 20, when additional NNSS volunteers arrived onsite to complete the final landscaping, debris disposal and paint assignments in honor of National Rebuilding Day.

The transformation speaks for itself in the reactions of the homeowners and volunteers.

“There has not been a single project to date where tears have not been shed by homeowners and members of Team NNSS when the final reveal is unveiled and walked down,” said NNSS Control Account Manager Darryl Denis, who has supported NNSS RTSNV rebuilding events for numerous years. “Homeowners are consistently astounded that there are organizations out there with people that would take the time from their busy lives to donate a few hours to help another person in need. The takeaway I glean from every project is that pride in one’s home is universal across all socio-economic levels, and that the sincere gratitude expressed by homeowners at the end of a successful project is genuine. That leaves an indelible mark in a person’s heart.”

In addition to National Rebuilding Month, the NNSS participates in Make a Difference Day with RTSNV each October. Each year, NNSS volunteers take pride in going above and beyond the original project scope RTSNV anticipates by identifying additional projects and finishing details that enhance the property. For many, the connections built between fellow volunteers and members of the community resonates the most. “It means something special to me because it’s a unique way to interact with folks you may or not work with every day,” said NNSS Construction Manager Tom Seaver, who has also participated in multiple years of rebuilding events. “You can see them in a different atmosphere and it opens your eyes to the type of people they are away from your work setting. That’s going to build a team effort, both in the volunteer area and at work. You can’t say enough about the rewarding feeling it gives you. We always have interactions with the homeowners, and you can see in their eyes they’re very thankful — that is the reward.”