firefighters badging ceremony

NNSS welcomes four new firefighters

firefighters badging ceremony
NNSS Fire & Rescue badging ceremony

On March 26 before family and friends, new Probationary Firefighters Steve Witherell III, Keith Armington, Adrian Brown and Tyler Carter (pictured center, from left to right) received their badges and are now official firefighters at the NNSS! Congratulations to them as they begin their careers with our Fire & Rescue department. Many thanks to Deputy Fire Chiefs Donald Parker, Jemmy Castro and Brian Dees (pictured in white, from left to right) for supporting the ceremony in North Las Vegas.

“Being a firefighter is a calling, not a job. It takes a special person to provide the service we provide—particularly when we’re away from family and our personal live one-third of the time. For these firefighters, there will be rites of passage they will have to endure. I congratulate them and welcome them to our F&R family,” said Deputy Chief Castro at the ceremony.

Family members and friends pinned their badges on, followed by hugs and handshakes.