black drone in flight over desert

Private defense company to test leading edge technologies at the NNSS

black drone in flight over desert
An Anduril Ghost drone in flight

As technology marches on, the limit of what is possible and what is not is increasingly defined less by hardware and more by the software behind it. Anduril, a privately-owned defense products company, is on the front line of a new generation of defense contractors. Its focus is on achieving advances in software engineering and computing rather than, say, shipbuilding or aircraft design. To achieve these breakthroughs, Anduril has some unique requirements for airspace testing—requirements that they will meet through an agreement with the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS).

“This partnership between the NNSS and Anduril is one of many upcoming collaborations with private companies actively engaged in today’s and tomorrow’s national security work,” said Mission Support and Test Services’ President Mark W. Martinez. “The NNSS offers an unmatched testing theater with advantages our partners would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else: talented experts, restricted airspace, secure controlled environments, around-the-clock access and, of course, plenty of clear skies and sunshine.”

As part of this new NNSS-Anduril partnership, NNSS has made available land and airspace for Anduril R&D and testing. In addition to Anduril, the NNSS hosts a number of other national security partners from the federal government and the private sector. Products Anduril may test at NNSS include the Ghost and ALTIUS autonomous air systems, both powered by Anduril’s proprietary Lattice OS.

“Operating at NNSS will allow Anduril to test a wider variety of capabilities owing to its more permissive airspace restrictions,” said Matt Grimm, Anduril’s Chief Operating Officer. “At NNSS we aren’t sharing our airspace with commercial aircraft, so the sorts of things we can test and test with regularity are far wider.”

Anduril currently supports operations with the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Australian Defence Force, the U.K. Ministry of Defense, and other partners around the world. Mission Support and Test Services LLC is the management and operating contractor for the NNSS. Learn more about NNSS partnerships and agreements on the Work With Us page. For more information on Anduril, its products and its mission, visit