F&R pinning promotion

Site Fire & Rescue announces new firefighters, promotion

F&R pinning promotion
NNSS Fire & Rescue badge pinning ceremony.

NNSS Fire & Rescue recently celebrated new team members and a promotion in the department.

Gage Cheney, Frederic Gonzalez and Charles Winn became Site firefighters, Mike Kennedy was promoted from engineer to captain and Assistant Chief Dakota O’Brien assumed the role of wildland fire coordinator.

“This was a historic ceremony for the NNSS because it was the first badge pinning for the wildland fire coordinator, which is a brand new position for the department,” said Deputy Chief Jemmy Castro. “We, in Fire and Rescue, are very proud of our new recruits and in promoting Mike.

Fire & Rescue held a badge pinning ceremony Feb. 7 with family members. For more information about the NNSS Fire & Rescue Department, please visit: http://www.nnss.gov/pages/facilities/FandR.html.