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Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP)

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Allows other U.S. government agencies, state, local, tribal, private industry, academia, and non-federal entities to access and utilize specialized or unique NNSS facilities or expertise on a full-cost-recovery basis in accordance with an agreed-upon statement of work.

  • SPPs and SIPPs are a vehicle to engage with the NNSS to perform a defined scope of work or tasks on a full-cost recovery basis. By law, NNSS must not compete with private industry; therefore, any work must draw upon the unique facilities, equipment, or personnel intrinsic to the NNSS.
  • The rights to inventions and data that arise under such a contract (subject inventions) may vest in the sponsor if the sponsor is a U.S. entity and pays for the work with private funds; however, if the sponsor is subcontracting federal funds to the NNSS or if the sponsor is a non-U.S. entity, then the rights of subject inventions will typically vest with NNSS. The government will retain a license for all subject inventions for use by or on behalf of the government.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy requires either 1) advance payment of the entire amount of funding or 2) a pay plan that requires the first payment to include a 60-day (at minimum) reserve of expected cost and in some instances funding for the first 30 days of work.
  • Cost
    • Participant pays full cost
  • Typical Uses
    • To test and validate products and for modeling and technoeconomic analysis
  • Advantages
    • Fast (easy to execute projects that meet certain parameters)
    • Potentially bypasses certain FCC and FAA regulations for work performed at NNSS

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Other Strategic Partnership Programs with the NNSA are also available.