G4S Government Solutions, Inc. (dba Centerra Nevada) Contract Award

G4S Government Solutions (dba Centerra Nevada) formerly provided security protective force and systems services at the Nevada National Security Site and North Las Vegas Facility. The contract expired February 28, 2018.

Name: Title: Description:
pdf Contract DE-NA0001435 - SF33 Solicitation, Offer and Award_SF33 Signed SF33
pdf DE-NA0001435 - G4S GS redacted Contract_Part I – the Schedule Section A – Solicitation/Contract Form 
Section B – Supplies or Services and Prices/Costs 
Section C – Description/Specs./Work Statement 
Section D – Packaging and Marking 
Section E – Inspection and Acceptance 
Section F – Deliveries or Performance 
Section G – Contract Administration Data 
Section H – Special Contract Requirements
pdf DE-NA0001435 - G4S GS redacted 
Part II
Contract_Part II Section I – Contract Clauses
pdf DE-NA0001435 - G4S GS redacted 
Part III
Contract_Part III Section J – List of Attachments
pdf Attachment J-1 - Statement of Work - 
Statement of Work Statement of Work
pdf Attachment J-2 - Reporting Requirements Checklist Reporting Requirements Checklist Reporting Requirements Checklist
pdfAttachment J-3 - DOE NNSA 
Directives Listing - 6-3-2011
DOE/NNSA Directives and Other Documents  
pdf Attachment J-4 - SCA Wage Determination 
No. 05-2331-Revision 11
Register of Wage 
Determinations Under U.S. Department of Labor - The Service Contract Act
Occupational Codes and Rates
pdf Attachment J-5 - 2009 WSI-NV Collective Bargaining Agreement Agreement between WSI and Independent Guard Association of Nevada Local No.1 Collective Bargaining Agreement 2009-2014
pdf Attachment J-6 - Certified Statement 
of Cost - Public Voucher
Certified Statement of Cost-Public Voucher Template for Certified Statement of Cost
pdf Attachment J-8 - Government Furnished Property Equipment (GFP-GFE) Listing List of Government Furnished Property & Equipment Reference to the Sunflower Inventory Assets Report
pdf Attachment J-11 - 
Argus Function Descriptions
Operation of the Argus System Reference to the Statement of Work (SOW) Para. III.C.2.c.5
pdf Attachment J-12 - Award Fee Plan NNSA NSO Award Fee Plan Security Protective Force and Systems Contractor Award Fee Plan for Contract DE-NA0001435 for January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012

Centerra Nevada Contract Modifications