STEM Saturdays

The letters S, T, E and M are in the forefront of atom, calculator and gear sketches.

Welcome to STEM Saturdays, a free monthly event presented by Nevada National Security Sites (NNSS), Clark County School District Career and Technical Education (CTE), and the Atomic Museum! STEM Saturdays bring together the Las Vegas community and local subject matter experts for educational topics, activities and insights into how STEM influences various career paths. Lunch and prize raffles are also included in the programming.

Look for the return of STEM Saturdays this fall, and find us at the Las Vegas Science & Technology Festival Giant Expo, sponsored by the NNSS, Saturday, May 4!

Highlights from previous STEM Saturdays

NNSS industrial hygienists, who anticipate and protect employees from health hazards in the workplace, shared how respiratory equipment safeguards from hazardous particles. Students completed activities for proper hand-washing techniques and demonstrated how types of masks provide different levels of protection.

A student sprays red liquid onto a mask as part of a demonstration.
Students detect germs with a light after washing their hands.

NNSS scientists shared how NASA astronauts are using the Site’s mission-scale testbeds and infrastructure to prepare for their upcoming Artemis mission to the Moon. Students then completed an activity to model the scale of our solar system

NNSS scientists in blue shirts speak about NASA astronauts training at the Site to an audience.
Children map the solar system using fruits and vegetables to symbolize planets.
Two children participate in an activity to model the solar system.

Students learned about geologic modeling and how it is used at the NNSS, then made their very own clay models!

Two boys prepare to create a geologic model with purple, red and green clay.
Core samples of volcanic rocks in a tray.

NNSS employees showcased geology and geophysics, using a sandbox model to demonstrate tectonic forces.

A student examines a science demonstration.
Students interact with geology-themed props on a table.
An NNSS employee demonstrates a science activity to students.

November 4, 2023

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management Nevada program team presented about groundwater and what happens when it encounters different mediums at the Site.

October 7, 2023

NNSS Fire & Rescue personnel met with dozens of students and families to share how STEM integrates with with their career fields. Special tours of the 1950s Seagrave engine and an ambulance along with hands-on demonstrations of Fire & Rescue gear and equipment followed the presentation.