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The NSPG is the highest fidelity mission-scale Lunar/Martian testing facility in the country. Featuring hundreds of large craters, a full-size HLS Starship analog building, and deep technological and logistical support, the NNSS is capable of supporting all manner of testing, training, and integration operations. 

NASA Artemis mission astronaut candidates conduct nighttime EVA training at Icecap Tower


NASA has a long history of working with the Nevada National Security Site to support human-based exploration of the moon. From 1965 to 1972, every Apollo Astronaut that stepped foot on the Moon first stepped foot in the large craters of the NNSS. In fact, the NNSS made such an impression that it was specifically referenced by Astronauts on lunar EVA on multiple Apollo missions.

NASA astronauts training on the Apollo Rover at Buckboard Mesa
NASA astronauts training for Apollo EVA at Schooner Crater


Craters at Yucca FlatThe NSPG is particularly well suited for:

  • Integrated field operations at multi-kilometer scale
  • Testing equipment in/around large craters
  • Low sun angle lunar lighting conditions and nighttime operations
  • Autonomous vehicle testing
  • Training staff on field geology, crater morphology, and volcanology
  • Crater/terrain modification
  • All manner of high-hazard testing, including high explosives
  • Emergency preparedness training, including with nuclear materials

Working With Us

A NASA astronaut candidate examines an ejecta blockNSPG facilities are open to companies, academic entities, and other qualified groups.

Learn more about NNSS Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP) and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA), as well as other ways to partner with NNSS, on our partnerships page.


Visiting NSPG Facilities

A map of the NNSSThe NNSS is located 65 miles NW of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Visits to NSPG facilities can be arranged for qualified entities. Please contact to arrange logistics