First Responders

First Responder Training

First Responders
First Responder Training at CTOS

The NNSS Counter Terrorism Operations Support (CTOS) program’s mission is to develop and deliver the most realistic and highest quality training in support of homeland security using extensive radiological expertise with the unique assets of the NNSS. The CTOS-Center for Radiological/Nuclear Training at NNSS oversees and conducts training courses and exercises, providing local first responders with the tools they need to protect their communities. CTOS has trained more than 200,000 first responders since 1998.

The NNSS CTOS program develops and delivers training for emergency responders to take immediate, decisive action to prevent or respond to terrorist use of radiological or nuclear weapons of mass destruction (WMD), such as radiological dispersal devices (RDDs) and improvised nuclear devices (INDs). Training and course materials are provided at no cost to eligible participants. Courses are conducted at NNSS, municipality-hosted locations, and online. 

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