Impact the Future of National Security
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interns at C3 gas gun
Interns work with the single-stage gas gun at the NNSS' North Las Vegas Facility.

MSTS Student Programs

Our student program offers paid internships (40-hour weeks from May thru August) each year. We also offer some internships outside of the summer program. All internships are designed to engage you in hands-on, meaningful, paid work while applying classroom theories to live work conditions in support of the NNSS mission. The work environment, together with the Student Program experience, gives you a better view of what a future career might look like in both technical and professional fields. It can also help widen your career path options while shaping the future of MSTS and the NNSS. If you want to be part of a program that supports national security, while working to advance your career, join us at MSTS.

Gain relevant work experience as an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral candidate

The MSTS summer schedule is designed to acclimate students with relevant work conditions, mentorship, student activities, knowledge and skill-based experiences, and peer-to-peer social and work group interactions with our own Early Career Employee Resource Group (ECERG).

Note: Due to the secure nature of our work, students must be U.S. citizens.

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Note: While student opportunities may be offered at each of our nine MSTS locations, the majority of opportunities will be in Nevada at either at the North Las Vegas location or the Site.