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Protocol Office

The Protocol Office is the Nevada National Security Site’s primary point of contact for planning and hosting strategic visits, meetings, tours and ceremonial events for high-level dignitaries of the United States and foreign government offices, academia and industries.

Protocol serves as the logistical lead on a wide range of services, including but not limited to, the transfer of security and special access clearances, badging, tours, hotel-contract negotiation, meeting room management, poster display, audio-visual services, parking, transportation and special events.

Our office holds a commitment to ensuring efficient planning and effective executing for distinguished level customer engagements and special events.

The Protocol Office was established to assist visitors in getting the most out of their time at the NNSS, providing access to the expertise necessary to fully understand and see the many things the NNSS has to offer while helping to work through the procedures for a successful visit.

  • Create customized agendas for tours and visits
  • Create branded resources for informational and procedural purposes (Protocol Visitor Guide, lunch order, etc.)
  • Work with Visit Control for proper badging and access to NLV, Site and outlying areas
  • Coordinate with facilities, managers and briefers
  • Order catered lunches
  • Organize transportation
  • Coordinate meetings and/or functions


Protocol Office

Email: NNSSProtocolOffice@nv.doe.gov

Phone: 702-295-4117