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Emergency Services and Operations Support

Emergency Services rescue personnel
Rescue personnel conduct an exercise with local hospital

The Emergency Services and Operations Support (ESOS) Division provides a wide range of emergency services at the NNSS – from 911 and operations de-confliction to a full-service Fire and Rescue Department, as well as an Emergency Planning and Preparedness Department ready for any challenge.

The Emergency Planning and Preparedness Department provides the following services:

  • Analyze hazards
  • Provide policies for and help in developing Emergency Response Procedures and conducting Emergency Action Team training
  • Provide support for Facility Emergency Preparedness programs
  • Provide training and qualification tracking for over 250 members of the Emergency Response Organization
  • Plan and conduct functional emergency preparedness training drills
  • Plan, conduct, and evaluate all-hazard emergency management exercises

The NNSS Fire and Rescue Department works to provide life safety to not only NNSS workers but also to neighboring communities through numerous mutual aid agreements. Just a few of the many services provided by our modern day heroes include the following:

  • 24/7 staff at two Fire Stations (Mercury and Area 6) with both paramedics and firefighters, trained in all aspects of fire response, technical rescue, and hazardous material response
  • Regulatory compliance assistance and inspections by the Fire Marshal and his staff of Fire Inspectors
  • Fire extinguisher services and hands-on training

The Operations Command Center (OCC) oversees access to the Site as well as the following services:

  • Provide mission scheduling and de-confliction for both NNSS ground and airspace activities
  • Provide access tracking into/out of controlled areas of the Site
  • 24/7 staff at the OCC with a Duty Manager and Fire Dispatcher and 911 call-taker
  • Ensure readiness and operate eight emergency response facilities, including three facilities dedicated for emergency use

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