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Global security is the totality of efforts to protect against threats, which are transnational in nature and pose a risk to human stability and survival. The NNSS is working to execute the activities needed to ensure our protection from transnational threats, including nuclear, radiological, chemical, explosive, and biological weapons. Other activities that support our global security efforts include treaties and monitoring, cyber security, critical infrastructure and threat reduction.

NNSS global security efforts fall into five distinct areas: chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE).  These efforts encompass those activities that are, in most cases, direct outgrowths of NNSS’s historical work in nuclear weapons issues. These efforts include counterterrorism activities, bio-security projects, nuclear forensics and detection capability development, weapons and material protection, and emergency and event response. Threat reduction comprises those activities intended to reduce national security threats before they amass into distinct CBRNE threats.

Global security personnel are the Nation’s experts in detecting and locating “dirty bombs,” “loose nukes,” and radiological sources. They train and enable our Nation’s first responders, who would be among the first to confront a radiological or nuclear emergency.

Global security characterizes the threat environment, produces specialized radiological/nuclear detection equipment, trains personnel on the equipment and its operations, tests and evaluates the equipment, and develops high-tech equipment to defeat terrorists. 

Assisting Local Authorities
In New York City, global security assisted in characterizing the radiological/nuclear environment.  Moreover, the team also engineered and produced specialized radiological/nuclear equipment to assist local officials. In six major cities, global security has trained local officials to do mobile aerial radiological surveillance.

Assisting Other Federal Agencies
Working with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), global security also equips, maintains, and conducts training on the DHS Mobile Detection Deployment Unit to provide nuclear/radiological security at major national events, such as the Super Bowl, the Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado Springs, and the G4 Nuclear Summit in Washington, D.C.

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