Mission Support and Test Services, LLC Contract Modifications

MSTS is the management and operating contractor for the NNSS and satellite facilities of the NNSA Nevada Field Office. The contract valued at approximately $2,500,000,000 was awarded on May 12, 2017. The contract period of performance is December 1, 2017 through November 30, 2022, with the potential for five additional performance-based award–term years.

Name: Effective Date: Description:
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0016 3/29/2018 Obligation of Funds
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0015 3/26/2018 Obligation of Funds
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0014 3/14/2018 Contract Modification
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0013 2/28/2018 Obligation of Funds
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0012 2/27/2018 Obligation of Funds
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0011 1/31/2018 Obligation of Funds
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0010 1/30/2018 Obligation of Funds
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0009 4/3/2018 Contract Modification
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0008 11/30/2017 Contract Modification
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0007 11/15/2017 Contract Modification
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0006 12/27/2017 Obligation of Funds
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0005 12/26/2017 Obligation of Funds
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0004 9/29/2017 Limitation of Funds
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0003 9/28/2017 Limitation of Funds
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0002 8/31/2017 Limitation of Funds
pdf DE-NA0003624_MOD_0001 6/7/2017 Contract Modification

MSTS Contract Information