Fact Sheets

The library section provides a central location for extensive information regarding the history and mission of the NNSS. These resources include fact sheets, historical and current videos, photos, and publications including environmental reports, historical documents, U.S. nuclear tests, and newsletters.  

All of these materials support the mission and vision of the NNSS.

If you need additional information, contact the Office of Public Affairs at (702) 295-3521 or email Nevada@NNSA.doe.gov.

NNSS fact sheets are summary documents detailing pertinent information regarding NNSS missions and programs, including the history of the Site. These documents address a variety of topics, from current mission and environmental management issues to historical backgrounds.

Missions and Projects
 Adding Value in the State of Nevada (Economic Impact)
 A Premier High-Tech National Security Asset in Southern Nevada
 Big Explosives Experimental Facility (BEEF)
 Counter Terrorism Operations Support (CTOS)
 Device Assembly Facility
 Environmental Management
 Environmental Management Stakeholder Involvement
 Environmental Remediation Work at TTR
 Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order (FFACO)
 Fire and Rescue
 Groundwater Q&As
 Joint Actinide Shock Physics Experimental Research (JASPER)
 Mine Rescue Teams
 Nevada Site Specific Advisory Board
 NNSS Geology
 NNSS Groundwater Program
 NNSS Overview
Nonproliferation Test and Evaluation Complex (NPTEC)
 Nuclear Testing Archive
 Protecting the NNSS from Wildland Fires
 Public Tours
 Radioactive Waste Acceptance Program
 Radiological/Nuclear Countermeasures Test and Evaluation Complex (RNCTEC)
 Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL)
 Science Bowl
 Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement (SWEIS)
Source Physics Experiments (SPE)
 Stockpile Stewardship Program
Transporting Waste to the NNSS
 Underground Nuclear Explosion Signatures Experiment (UNESE)
 Waste Disposal at the NNSS
 Waste Generator Services & Technical Support

Additional Fact Sheets
 Apollo Astronauts
 Atmospheric Tests
Atomic Annie
 Atomic Culture
 Before It Was the NTS
 Big Hole Drilling
 BREN Tower
 Camp Desert Rock
 Civil Effects
 Davy Crockett
 EPA Farm
 Fuze Testing
 Huron King
 Last Stop for Jackass and Western
 Mercury Bowling Alley
 Miss Atom Bomb
 News Nob
 Nuclear Rocket Development Station 
 Nuclear Timeline
 Operation Morning Light
 Peacekeeper Tests
 Plant and Animal Life
 Plowshare Program
 Plutonium Dispersal Tests
Project Nutmeg
 Project Pluto
Protecting Cultural Resources
 Rapatronic Photography
 Research at the NNSS: The Nevada Desert Research Center
 Runaway Train
 Secret Film Studio: Lookout Mountain
 Sedan Crater
 Speakers Bureau
 Special Activities
 Underground Nuclear Testing 
 What is Radiation?
 Yucca Lady